Saturday, 9 April 2005

Royal Wedding Poem

Well, here is my royal wedding poem, as promised. It's the only poem I've ever written that wasn't for school, and I wrote it while watching The Bill, so don't expect it to make sense or to be not-crap, or even particularly amusing really.

Ode, to the Pearls of England

Now steps She forth, o Camilla victorious,
to her Resplendent bosom, the Heir Apparent clasp'd
Albion, kneel as one, before her visage Glorious!

Prince of Wales intrepid, the Matrimonial Nettle grasp'd,
Eloquent spake Charles, and true, of his all-Engorging love -
Ay, proclaim'd he to the Nations, though his Royal Mama gasped.

As celestial Rays of Fancy, dropping lightly from Above,
the Lady's joy, expanding, over-floods the Smiling Scene;
tho' Second-hand, the Pair adorn! as Hand's adorned by Glove!

She's much too smart to listen to the People being Mean.
Loyal subjects hope Cammie has a jolly time, being Queen.


Zoe said...

matrimonial nettle


katy said...

eee! fantastic.

also, ewwww!


Ampersand Duck said...

And Kerrie-Ann, in pink aflame
Drove watchers of the Nine insane
With snivelling commentary insane
On Camilla, family and thane.

(sorry, bloody awful, but couldn't be helped)

Lucy Tartan said...

that is exquisite. I didn't see any of kerrie-anne's commentary but your lines make me feel as though I were right there in the room with her. Possibly even being sat on by her.

Brownie said...

We hail thee Ampersand, Bravo! Lucky Laura. I wanted the visuals so I killed the sound she was SO BAD.