Sunday, 10 April 2005

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Time for another update on what's happening with the movie of Charlotte's Web that's being filmed in the park at the bottom of my street.

Well as far as the actual location is concerned, not a lot is going on. I stopped there to check it out this afternoon and they are still frigging around down there building rustic chook sheds and grandstands that don't meet Australian safety standards, and filling up every available inch of the footy field with tacky-looking rides and hot dog stands. One thing did bother me more than the rest of it: there are four American flags flapping round over the dodgem cars, what's that about? My grandad didn't fight in the war so that some poosti malacca movie nuff-nuffs could come stick up foreign flags all over the parks our children play kick to kick on. Tomorrow I'll be writing to my local councillor about that, and I bloody well expect some action to be taken.

Not all the news is bad though; when I visited at 4pm today there was a raging drunken bogan party in full swing in the footy clubrooms, complete with bad band playing Proclaimers covers, why oh why? I approached a man outside who was jumping on VB cans to flatten them so they'd fit into the wheelie bin, and he told me that part of the deal Paramount struck with the football club included (I quote) "a free piss-up for the blokes." So that government line that projects like this inject millions of dollars into the local economy, wow, it's like totally true!

change of subject: my boyfriend, who is a business guru for the dog-eat-dog corporate world of the 1980s, has made a mashup that you are invited to listen to, it's on his blog, here, please go have a listen and let him know what you think of it.


Jellyfish said...

I saw Dakoate Fanning and her little sister at the Jam Factory yesterday.

I don't know anyone else who'd care, so I just had to write it here.

I'll be going now.

Jellyfish said...

Oh, my god. Who the hell is Dakoate Fanning? Jelly, you total idiot. That shows how tired I am.

I did, of course, mean Dakota. I will really be going now.

katy said...

boyfriend mash up! this is just getting freaky. my own boy beau is currently working on a Vanilla Ice/Oxes mash up. Yoof culture is indeed alive and well in our 'hood.

Lucy Tartan said...

katy: there is a story of Hanif Kureishi's about neighbour-couples who increasingly freak each other as it dawns on them that they are in fact identical in every way.
I suppose you've read it, ha ha ha.

So, you've been listening to tiny chunks of Vanilla Ice over and over and over? my sympathies. I have a case of wham rap earworm that may need to be surgically removed.

Lucy Tartan said...

jelly - I hope they never wash the jam factory again.