Friday, 18 February 2005


Didn't have enough to do on the weekend obviously, because after The Bill I retreated to the poorly-named study and read another blog's archives, well a few years of them anyhow. God, what a sad Saturday night!

She used to swear like a trooper. Doesn't do that anymore. Wonder why? Swearing is dandy.


Bookfraud said...

like the blog. my wife and i (yanks) were in your fair country last year and skirted melbourne while touring sydney.

does this make us philistines? and is the melbourne-sydney rivalry as deep as advertised? when we visited, there seemed to be some conflict of which was the gayer city -- each place trying to capture the pink dollar. my god, i thought, we've got to move to this country.

Lucy Tartan said...

I would not be a worthy citizen of Melbourne if I conceded that Sydney possessed one millimetre more gayness than Melbourne. Melbourne is totally gay. Sydney is merely camp.