Friday, 18 February 2005

Friday, again. and for what??

another week gone by and very little has changed. Nothing at all re: the thesis...disgraceful. Reposing on my desk are three new books on the topic of film adaptation - all by the same author. This sucks. What is he up to? Is it some kind of attempt to take over the lit / film universe? let's hope not. I did the furtive index-check thing and felt a bit reassured to see that none of my treasured fire has been stolen. ah well. There's one way to make sure nobody beats me to the post, and that is hurry up and finish the damn thing.

Actually, it isn't entirely accurate that nothing at all has been forced out over the last few days. I've figured out the intro, I think - just have to rewrite it now.

We have seen too many movies this week: The Aviator, Bride and Prejudice, Spanglish, and cteq on Wednesday.

Yes, the Melbourne Cinematheque started up again for the year. Time to get used to it being 2005. It's at ACMI now, I think actually it's been there a few years but last time I attended it was in the old State Film Theatre. I liked it better there, even though the sightlines weren't good and the seats made my bum hurt. The main theatre at ACMi is dead creepy, what the hell are those spidery fluoro tubes meant to represent? They really do look like a giant radioactive mangulated daddylonglegs smeared over the wall. Dorian, ever on the ball, pointed out a typo in the pre-curtain ad slide that is undoubtedly going to shit me every wednesday for the remainder of the year. Still, Fed Square is a nice place to be visiting regularly, if I can avoid any more driving-into-town-at-peak-hour fiascos (this week I scored the box trifecta: half na hour late, a little weeping with traffic frustration by the side of the road, and an unplanned detour onto Citylink without an e-tag, gah.)

The movie was A Matter of Life and Death: strangely, the same film opened Cteq the first year we went, 1995 was it?

Next time, I shall try to make myself say hello to one or two people there who I've been seeing around the place forever but was always too shy / silly to introduce meself to.

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