Tuesday, 23 October 2018


Just three pictures from the road trip, which is a long time ago now, to break the posting drought. I got back from that trip so bursting with Thoughts, almost all about the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement, and all set to Write Something about it, but honestly? I knew, even while I was thinking about it, that I would not be able to make it work.

Anxiety has been my constant companion recently. Right now, I'm feeling apprehensive about possibly not getting enough sleep tonight, and while i do have the alarm set for half past five, I feel like this most evenings, including on weekends when I never really need to wake up any earlier than say eight o'clock. So, while the only way to put that sort of nonsense to rest is to drag it out into the light of day and stare it down ie don't frighten myself into going to sleep earlier and earlier every evening, to the detriment of living my life, I am not going to carry on writing. I haven't go much to say right now that isn't negative and gloomy. Oh I wish it were otherwise. Well, I will write again tomorrow. One step at a time eh Captain Mainwaring.

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Fyodor said...

Don't panic!

Actual stamp that one might purchase. Feckin' awesome.