Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Things are going to keep on happening

Just like the white winged dove Lenny sings a whole lot of songs which either one or both of his parents appear to have taught him along with some others that he can only have learned at school and which I had to google fragments of in order to find out that they emanate from Katy Perry and other, less recognisably global multinational but equally autotuned fictional human being brands. Well, I have showed him how to go crazy dancing to Yazoo so my work is essentially done, although he does not acknowledge that my work is done and will not allow me to sit down or leave the room while he dances. Could be an only child thing, I guess. He still gets very sad when he hears a sad song, I know better now than to let him hear Sufjan Stevens but oh, there are so many other hitherto unsuspectedly sad songs in the world.

I am going to Lancefield the day after tomorrow. I have asked Yes/No Tarot many times if it might snow. Yes/No Tarot says yes/no so I am thinking the odds are good. Not terribly long after that I'm got to La Trobe for a conference, gosh, how is that going to go down?!?!? Will I have a complete nervous collapse?!?!?! I still have a key to my old office, shall I take it with me and try it out? And keys to sundry other doors there too. Well, assuming I avoid being sent to prison, a little while after that I'm going to the very edge of Victoria for work, on the train again so that will be quite an exciting thing in its own right as I will be in a position to compare the Wodonga train with the Warrnambool one. And after that I am going to Numbugga, that will unquestionably be amazing. After that there is the day of "thousands of children + unnecessary quantities of horses = ?????" coming up at work, I always look forward to these things so much, and after that I am going to a conference at VU! What a life I lead, and Vinnie is no help at all.

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