Tuesday, 15 August 2017

This very morning

I was going to do the whole day, but once I actually started to do something meaningful at work I forgot (I guess that's a good sign right? Work too interesting to remember to blog it), and by the time I might have remembered, my entire soul was knee-deep in the incredibly awesome news from Barnaby world - which totally deserves its own post, but will I get around to it before the government decapitates itself by projectile shitting its own face? Who can say? Keep checking here is the only advice I have for how to make it through the current "constitutional crisis" as I suppose it technically is although I don't know why Mark Dreyfus kept saying so on PM, I don't think it really struck the right note because it sounded like a 1975-type scenario which this debacle really is not.

So anyway this is 6 am to about 9 am....this very morning

I get up at six and that is when I took this photograph. It's not a great photo is it. I am not really able to think very much until I have been out of bed for a little while. It was slightly harder than usual to get out of bed today because Leonard got in with us at about 3.30 am and I didn't sleep well after that. I was deep in a dream when the alarm went off and waking up from a dream is easily the most baffling kind of waking up. Lenny brought into the bed his little stuffed toy Lennydog and his tube of pawpaw ointment which he takes everywhere. A warm sleeping cuddly child is another thing that makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning. 

I just get up, put on clothes, eat, and go. I pack my stuff the night before. It's always dark when I leave and this morning it was also just beginning to rain. I listened to "For Your Pleasure" by Roxy Music and look, it was fine. No complaints.

Crossing Fleming Park in Brunswick East at about 6.30am I met the first of several people I regularly cross paths with on my weekday to and from work travels. She is an old woman who uses a walker to walk the paths that cross and encircle the park. In cold weather she wears a headscarf. I have seen her on weekends sitting on the verandah of what's presumably her house, opposite the park, in Albert St, with four or five other old people. When I meet her on the path coming towards me I always tip my front light down so it's not shining in her face and say hello to her, and she says, Hello, how are you? and she sounds exactly like our neighbour Mora who died a few weeks ago.

Waiting to cross Princes St at Canning St. This morning I passed by an old man I sometimes see walking citywards - sometimes on Rathdowne, sometimes Canning. He is a bit stooped but in the way of a tall person who's spent decades holding intense conversations with people who are much shorter. He wears coke-bottle glasses and a navy trenchcoat, and with his carefully combed hair he looks like an elderly retired minor star of the New Wave 

Bikes are forbidden in the Carlton Gardens but the last couple of days I've gone that way because I am such a rebel.

I guess you can't really see them in the picture, but take my word for it, there's a whole lot of people in exercise clothes lunging away underneath the DCM "blade" outside the museum. 

This is a little way past the City Square tram stop where I very often see a woman who looks like Noel Crombie. This seeing the same people in the same places bit, it's kind of fun and also at times extremely depressing. What the fuck is my life coming to, why is it so minutely repetitive?

Almost at work - just after seven - coffee, and a few minutes looking at social media and the internet, and trying not to make eye contact with the two other people who are usually buying coffee here. They are a blond woman who is always eating an apple and a man who dresses up like he's going in the Tour de France in order to ride to work. One or the other of them is always there but never both at the same time. 100% true. 

I am really enjoying this fake Troy Buswell account on Facebook although I shouldn't. I genuinely admire the disinterested dedication required to keep a project like this one going

Every day I look at this huge sign and I think I had really better get onto working out with Zoe when she might come to Melbourne and to the Dior exhibition with me. But I forget again as soon as I'm not looking at it

First person to work as always

The Shrine goes through a lot of toilet paper

Showered and dressed. I think this dress shrank lengthways since I bought it. If I'm honest it is too short for work. Yes it covers my bits but I had to spend the whole day remembering to only bend down in the OH & S approved manner

Yeah, then I started doing my work and forgot to take any more photos

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