Monday, 7 August 2017

Also recently

I'm just going to do dot points.

  • I went to see LCD Soundsystem and they were just verging on great. I have never been to a stadium show where the band tried so hard and put so much effort into reproducing as exactly as possible the sound of their recordings. On some songs this came out sounding very strange because the acoustics of the venue warped the mix, but mostly it was fun and good and occasionally even a bit moving. 
  • Went to see Dunkirk with a group of work people, this was also fun, although there was not as much harping afterwards on historical inaccuracies that are imperceptible to people like you and me as I would have liked. We saw the film at Melbourne Central, which I have not been inside on a Friday night since I used to work at Just Jeans there in the 90s. It has been transformed into a kind of indoor shopping centre version of King Street. It was completely full of loud, gross, drunk vulgarians
  • Dorian put a whole lot of my clothes into a tumble dryer which would have been a fine thing except many of them were made of wool and they got quite a lot smaller. Several of these were handmade. A huge drag, especially given that making black wool trousers is so extremely boring that I put it off for months before making the pair that got shrunk, and then I wore them like three times a week.
  • I'm still riding to and from work every day and I am now quite used to the pain of frozen hands in the arctic wastes of pre-dawn Carlton and I also know exactly how to predict when an Uber driver is about to suddenly park in a bike lane or allow his passenger to open the door into said bike lane. I have a little speech I like to give on such occasions. I flatter myself that it's scary.
  • I wrote something about something shitty that happened at work today and then I deleted it.
  • Leonard's teacher actually did tell us, at the parent-teacher thing, that we should give him challenging books to read, like for instance The Lord of the Rings. He's six, remember. I was so bewildered by this that I couldn't ask even one question that might have provided a clue about whether it was as it seemed and she hadn't actually got any idea what that book is, or was she just delirious with exhaustion? Either way, she certainly confusal-subdued the hell out of me and neutralised the parental threat I would otherwise have presented: an excellent technique which I think I might just try out for myself in tomorrow's staff meeting.

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