Saturday, 21 November 2009

It never rains but it pours

It's raining now, which is a relief after the awful week of early February weather in late November. I will be doing my bit to contribute airplane emissions over the next three weeks - on Monday I'm going to Queensland to teach the Jane Austen summer school again. It's on Mansfield Park. I haven't had a lot of time to plan it - in theory I was going to finish my marking by last Monday, but I actually did the last piece at 3.30 on Friday - and I feel less prepared than I'd like. Just got to keep reminding myself that last year I found out that what the people wanted was just to read out bits and discuss them. And to look at pictures, of which I've collected a couple of hundred. Here's some. Let's see if I can think of (and quote) captions without checking them in the text:

Dr Grant "was a short neck'd, apoplectic sort of fellow, and plied with good things would soon pop off"

"unluckily that iron gate, that ha-ha, gives me a feeling of restraint and hardship" (this is the gate to the kitchen garden at Chawton manor)

"a woman can never be too fine while she is all in white"

It'll be fine, I'm sure. One day I will get entirely over this thing of feeling stressed before the doing of tasks that are totally within my capabilities.

I'm going to tell them on the first day that by the end we have to solve the Fanny Price issue once and for all.

I'm coming back on Saturday, spending a week at work finishing three essays and writing a conference paper, then on the following Sunday it's off to Kangaroo Island for the actual conference. Dorian is coming with me to that although I don't think he's going to any conference sessions, just walking around on beaches and that type of thing. After coming back from that I've got until 21 December to get everything ready for teaching next year - and then -

no work until next year.

beautiful words.


Penthe said...

Will be glad to hear the resolution of the Fanny Price issue. Will wait with some tredidation, in case I have been wrong all these years.

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Ampersand Duck said...

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Enjoy those beaches, Dorian, and then work out a way to make Laura enjoy the fact that you enjoyed them.

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