Saturday, 31 May 2008


I don't look at the site tracker much. The free site meter I've got here only goes back the last 100 hits and there's occasionally a funny search string but usually it's just 'bloglines' 'bloglines' 'bloglines' 'google reader' 'michael J Fox photograph' 'google reader' 'michael J Fox photograph' 'bloglines' 'michael J Fox photograph' etc.

But I've looked at it this week: I wanted to see whether writing the words porn and pornography made any difference to what sort of searches brought people here. And not one search in the past four days has included either of those words.

The blog has, however, received several hundred extra hits, all from searchers looking for pictures of Miranda Kerr who I mentioned in the recent post about the photography controversy. It's a bit bloody spooky, actually, to tell you the truth.

I was pleased, though, to see that at least five M.K. questers brought here today clicked away on items in my special cat links collection.

While I'm writing about these fascinating subjects I'd better just state for the record, once and for all, I HAVEN'T fiddled the odds in bazlotto, and all of you who are getting lucky at last, just step back a moment, take some deep breaths, and think about all those times you clicked away and lost before you go rushing off to the nearest racetrack and bet the housekeeping money on a greyhound named Herbie or Pesto or Boz or something.

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