Saturday, 31 May 2008


As they say on Magic 1278, Saturday night is Party night, so I was wiggin out having a read of my own blog, when I GOT BAZLOTTO woop woop

And what a fine, fine bazlotto it is.

From top to bottom:

1) Basil about four years ago, wearing the dress I made for him out of scraps of material bought from the Alannah Hill clearance shop in Brunswick St - upstairs they sell AH fabrics off the bolt. He wasn't that fond of the dress so I later put it up for sale on ebay with the title "Alannah Hill catsuit" - probably the best joke ever thought of and executed

2) Basil posing, showing his delightful hairy silly triangular underjaw and luxuriant whiskers

3)Basil dressed as Miss Australia 2005, wearing 1) tiara made of crushed aluminium foil, 2) victory sash made of a piece of striped grosgrain ribbon which I originally bought to trim a skirt with but it finished up tying back the diaphanous green curtain in the hallway, and 3) a silk souvenir scarf from Padua that I wore over my head all the way through Vietnam and which is now covering a basket of soap and scrubbing brushes in the laundry

4)Basil's pretty but psychotic eye, this picture is circa 2005, but he looks just as handsome yet mad today.

5) Basil irritatedly lying on the lawn trying to wash himself without being pestered. This was his favourite lawn-laying-on spot, seen also at the Great January Garage Sale of 2006, where he spent several hours pretending to be for sale along with the rollerskates and rude thing that RH was so cross about.

The entire bazlotto source gallery is here in case you want to look at a lot more photos of my cat. Remember, party night etc.

Anyway, yay for me and my big fat fluffy bazlotto! The traditional salute to bazlotto winners is a formal congratulations and a reminder that there is no actual prize, but that's only for you rabble - I am now going out to get myself a block of chocolate.


Elsewhere007 said...

I'm jealous.

Chris Boyd said...



lucy tartan said...

suck it up dudes!

JahTeh said...

That post did take me back as it was the first time I commented.
Since Brownie is now wandering the Western District, I am curator (?) of the Queen's Photo which is waiting for me to put it in a new frame.

redambition said...


for the first time ever. I am so pleased.

lucy tartan said...

Congratulations, redambition! I hope you are satisfied with the glory, congratulations, etc, because that's all the prize you're going to get.

Mindy said...

Four Baz's and a plate of apples, so close!

R.H. said...

Good. Well they're top comments from me. I've never done better.

And you are always endearing, always quirky, always funny.

So thanks very much.