Saturday, 4 November 2006


Here are a few screencaps from Careful (1992, Canada, dir. Guy Maddin, scr. George Toles.) I took the top one to put into the box in the sidebar where I change the picture every so often, but these are all too gorgeous not to share in finer detail.

Careful is exquisitely lurid and genuinely dreamlike. In the mountain village of Tolzbad everyone whispers so as not to set off avalanches. But lound sounds are not the only things people have to keep buried deep inside. Maddin and Toles describe it as a 'pro-repression' movie, and it certainly does present a convincing case for the folly of indulging sibling rivalries and Oedipal yearnings.

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Meredith Jones said...

Very very beautiful. The top one looks like they're standing on a person's shoulder.