Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Picture of Basil wearing the shirt made for him by Ampersand Duck and Zoe


Good Fairy Ampersand Duck visited Basil while Dorian and I were in Sydney. She left us a stack of goodies including this stylish yet edgy garment, and a note which said, in part, "Baz...lovely cat with a mild case of cabin fever." I hope that doesn't mean he tried to eat your ankles.


Ampersand Duck said...

Hooray! I'm trying to find the time to blog my stay but time keeps getting sucked away by evil things like deadlines and needing to sleep and eat.

He looks like he hasn't quite forgiven you yet!

Ampersand Duck said...

And yes, he leapt at me in the dark one of the nights and tried to eat my ankles. I still like him, but.

Lucy Tartan said...

nah, he's fine. Last night when we got home he was a bit freaked, but now he's totally back to normal.

Thanks for being his friend! Very, very much appreciated.

I had the marmalade on toast and it's lovely.

Lucy Tartan said...

He does that to us too. It means he likes you and supports your decisions.

cfsmtb said...

It's been a terrible week for debauchery at our place. Both the cat and dog went nude. And his cat was also showing signs of getting her kit off, er collar, too.

Brownie said...

I just found the blog of a Melbourne author and her post on BagCat with hysterical photos I must share with you, so please humour me by paging down to the 24 April post Not Torturing Cat Honestly.