Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Everyone's Got One

Are you thinking hard about how to cast your vote in David and Margaret's poll to establish just what is Australia's Favorite Film? (Honestly, I really, really, shudder to think.) According to D & M, "Everyone's Got One", so I think that probably means voting is compulsory. But in the best traditions of Australian democracy one can always exercise one's right to not give a bloody rat's arse by casting a donkey vote. (Admire the mixing of the metaphors.) Unless you've already committed yourself, I strongly suggest you go read the sterling, stirring case made by Jon at Sterne before filling in your ballot papers.


Caz said...

"everyone's got one"? Ooops, I forgot to have a favorite Australian Film!!

Okay - just thought of one: Breaker Morant.

There ya go!

Anonymous said...



What more can we ask?

- barista

Anonymous said...

The pineapple thing is a government plot. They are now too scared to give the citizens access to the wrong end of the pineapple for fear that we will use it to express ourselves.

- barista

Ampersand Duck said...

Bit confusing -- I thought it was your favorite Australian film, until I clicked on the link and saw the blurb about LOTR etc. So it's favorite film generally? I'd rather a poll on the former! Far too general!

Ampersand Duck said...

And that poster is frigging hilarious. I want to print it out for my toilet wall...

Susoz said...

I caught the tail end of their tv program the other night and they said that nearly all the voters so far are men. Interesting. Before I knew that, I'd been thinking how impossible it is to have a favourite anything, really, especially fave film or book or song... But maybe men (men of a certain age?) are more prone to that kind of mechanistic thinking. (Wild speculation, I know.)

Zoe said...

My favourite Australian film is "Sweetie". Farrking genius Genevieve Lemon.

Sandra Berhnardt shares my opinion, apparently.


The Student said...

Sunday Too Far Away.

It's the film I am convinced I should hate, but for some reason really like.

Jellyfish said...

Dear Ms Tartan, I realise this is off topic (after all - if I was on topic, we all know which film I'd probably be talking about right now) but can you send me you email address? I seem to have mislaid it and there's something I want to send you.