Monday, 10 October 2005

Baz the Lad

Why's this cat looking so pleased with himself....?

Don't know. But about five seconds earlier I found him sitting on Russell Crowe's face. Maybe that's why.

Basil you are BAAAAAAAD. Welease Wussell!

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Scrivener said...

Baz is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Cute cat pic, poked fun at a prize twit, and a Python reference all in one post. What more can a reader ask for?


Lucy Tartan said...

Yeah, he's great. He sleeps on my feet at night and never ever says a word. How do animals manage that, to spend their whole lives so intimate with us but never saying anything?

Just bloody disciplined, I guess.

I'm glad you understood that completely lame Python reference, Boris, I added it because Gladiator just reminds me too much of the Life of Brian, but don't worry I don't expect anyone to agree it's a reasonable & obvious connection. Oh dear, past my bedtime. But first one more quick peek at I'm On Your Computer so I'll go to sleep sniggering.

Another Outspoken Female said...

gosh i was so caught on the boy on boy 'sitting on his face" reference that the Python went right past me the first time round.

Check out my very bad cat. Am sure they are related?

Ampersand Duck said...

Just watch that Baz doesn't get hit by a flying telephone. I like RC's indignant eyes under B's fluffy arse. He seems to be saying... oahbmd!

Lucy Tartan said... get this week's trophy for the most fitting re-purposing of the gobbledygook anti-spam word. I'm bowing deeply in the direction of Canberra...

Jane Dark said...

Half of my 131 class are huge Python fans, and they discovered that the other half is completely they were going to start planning to change that.

On another note, at least it doesn't look like you're going to have to call Confuse-A-Cat any time soon.