Sunday, 3 July 2005

Saucy Jack

Another lazy post: this one draws again on the motherlode of tragical nerdy certificates and suchlike from my high school days that I found stashed in a neglected corner some time back. This one isn't the absolute worst, but it's still so cringe-inducing that I've hidden it under the flip-thing so I won't be having to look at it myself any more than necessary.

This is the front of the programme from a musical "comedy" I was in the year that I turned 17. It's about Jack the Ripper.

"A light-hearted look at Jack the Ripper." Are you thinking about Spinal Tap right now? You should be. I was one of the prostitutes and from memory I got killed just before the interval.

Also in the cast was a person who is now one of Australia's best photojournalists, but in those days appeared to be more interested in teenage girls and their chest areas than in lenses and tripods.
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Fyodor said...

It made me think of The Tall Guy, where they turn the Elephant Man into a musical. Which is obvious, really.

Jellyfish said...

You shouldn't hide the certificate in the 'continued' section - be out and proud of your showtunes past!

Jellyfish said...

ps - "A light-hearted look at Jack the Ripper." Clearly belongs in an episode of 'The Simpsons.' Just adorable!

Lucy Tartan said...

Yep, it's up there with "Streetcar-The Musical" alright.

Around the same era I took part in small town amateur theatre productions of Grease, South Pacific, The King and I, and The Music Man. [/desperate attempt to gain respect of Jellyfish]