Sunday, 12 June 2005


Thanks to the continuous employment generated by Proofreading Fortnight, there was enough money in the kitty (not you, Baz, the other kitty) this weekend to go out and buy the necessary gadgets to lay on the wireless internets. Thus it happens that I am delightedly sitting on the living room sofa, laptop atop lap, watching the telly and reading blogs simultaneously. The telly has been switched on since about 7pm and I think that's the longest time it's been continuously in operation for many months.

Anyway, it appears to me that I could quite easily leave off torturing my poor little brain into thinking up blog material, and simply pass on to you things the TV is saying. I reason that if your TV is not in the room where your computer is, and you're a blog reader, you probably don't get to see very much televisual magnificence either.

This what you need to know:

* Big Brother is ridiculous and they are all repulsive, craven, awful airheads. I can't understand at least half of what they're saying to each other. It is English they're speaking, I assume? All I hear is a bunch of animal noises. That guy they call Shearer, I estimate his IQ at around 68, ie less than Basil's.
* Black Books is back soon !! Hoo Rah Hoo Rah Hooray!
* The notorious dreaded pathetic fake American imitation of the immortal genius that is The Office is going to be shown here starting on June 22. It looks very, very bad.
* Compass is meant to be about religion and spirituality. Tonight, however, it's about "pagan sex rituals", "dirty Stone Age carvings", "huge, strap-on phalluses", and as the BBC announcer keeps saying, "a man having sex with a horse." (hello, google-perverts: may I recommend Channel Four?)


Lucy Tartan said...

I forgot the best one: After next week, no more Everybody Loves raymond.

Andrew said...

Oh, television.

I haven't seen any of this series of BigBrother, but yes, it is tedious and you can't hear half of what it is said. And yes, generally repulsive people.

While I like most British tv that we receive here, I never really 'got' The Office.

You gotta pick and choose your Compass.

Scrivener said...

I've never seen any of these.

TV - bleh.

Ampersand Duck said...

I get to watch tv on book-binding nights, and consequently book-binding nights are only when there's something to watch on tv. I too was bouncing around the room by the news of Black Books returning. Wednesday night is now officially a binding night!

Mind you, thanks to my recent techno-queen moment I've worked out how to watch our Bollywood DVD collection in colour, so I may be spending a few weeks off the computer...

Dr Henrik Ziegler said...

Big Brother's great!

You can go home at night, and like turn on your TV, and stuff, and there's like people... sitting round.. doing... stuff.

Seriously, though, C31 should start shopping their Fishtank out to commercial networks as a reality series.

At least there'd be less racial abuse and probably more sex.

Brownie said...

yes yes and yes oh yes. Black Books ditto. My TV hasn't been on since Little Britain & Nighty Night closed, because online reading is more interesting, but I was glad I looked at Friday's new ABC police Commissioner because that's how I found out about B Books.
I have never watched any reality TV. I look at the Guide online, and if nothing seems interesting, I stay online. Germaine Greer has a funny piece in the Guardian today about a New Homes Show.

Brownie said...

dumb. it was Sunday not Friday. I turned Compass off so I missed the prurient stuff which was obviously screened to give the fred Nile types fuel for hating non-christians.- what a hypocrite that Very Catholic homewrecker Geraldine Doogue is. her eyebrows look like john Wayne gacy did them.

Lucy Tartan said...

"her eyebrows look like john Wayne gacy did them."

Brownie. Brownie. Do you want me to piss my pants?

Ben.H said...

I tried to determine whether British Big Brother is better or worse than the Australian version, but it was like trying to decide what colour pigeon you'd rather have shit on you.

The worst though: Celebrity Love Island. Worse than it sounds. If you're lucky, you might get an Australian rehash featuring Peter Phelps in Speedos.

Brownie said...

I loathe Geraldine Doogue and I am sure the first wife of her husband does too. She has a nerve to present a religious program and wave her Papist views about.

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