Saturday, 7 May 2005

Weekend of Superhuman Efficiency, Ahoy!

Am I setting myself up for a public humiliation and crushing sense of failure here?

This is a list of stuff I would like to get done this weekend. It is all the type of thing that I would gladly run to do if there was a writing or marking deadline to be met, so it shouldn't be too difficult. I'll leave the crossing-off until Sunday night.

* clean house: floors /dishes / bathrooms / pick up stuff left lying around
(All done except bathrooms, which are still quite bad.)
* wash clothes
* stitch together pile of cut-out bags
(stitched up.)
*photograph and list new bags
* do things to ebay shop
(did them)
* go to the pool
* get outside for long walk in parklands
(longish walk. It was nice too.)
* cut out desperately needed winter clothes
* finish reading Deliverance
* ring Mum for mother's day
(eventually she answered the phone)
* do something fun with Dorian
(loverly outing to the seaside.)
* rake leaves off driveway
* clean up trailer-trash debris around front door

Not too bad on the whole.


brownie said...

you ARE ALREADY the Time Management Supremo.
ignore winter clothes - nobody notices anyhow.
rethink Bags: checkout Looby - she sold NINE bambi deers @ US$30 in 24 hours.
add felt bambis to all exising bags.
doorstep debris - 5 mins to chuck around the back.
ignore leaves - they will only be replaced.
fun with D - sunday morning glory
ring mum while he sleeps, make coffee return to bed with deliverance till he wakes.

Scrivener said...

I do believe that the joy of these blog lists is actually coming back and crossing them off as you accomplish them. I know you wrote some of that out in another post. But reall, you should cross them off, just to follow proper form if nothing else. All you need to do is add the little <strike> and corresponding closing tag.

Lucy Tartan said...

David, did you get my email - reply to yours? - about three or four days ago? If you haven't felt like answering it, no drama, but I thought perhaps it had been intercepted by a spam filter, and I wouldn't like you to think I didn't reply to your message.

Scrivener said...

I did get your email, and I wrote you back. Or I think I did. But in a quick skim through my outbox, I couldnt' find that email. Dammit. Ok, either my reply got lost or I only wrote the email to you in my head. In any case--as to your more substantial question: there's a blog post coming very soon on that topic.