Friday, 6 May 2005

disappointing Brush with Fame

Coming out of Melbourne Central this morning, I saw Geoffrey Rush walking up Swanston Street towards me. It took me about 1.5 seconds to recognise him. (God, he looked rough.) Our eyes met.

As befits an Oscar winner, Mr Rush's face is extraordinarily expressive. His eyes seemed to say "oh god, not again. yes, you know who I am, and you love me, of course you do, but look, I'm just NOT in the mood for greeting another tongue-tied, adoring fan...please leave me alone...for all I want is to be left alone." Poor li'l Geoffers. I suppose he is worn out mentally from all that worrying about what's to become of Camberwell Station.

Unlike Rusho, my face is not very expressive at all (I've been told this by several different people, so it must be more or less true.) As he looked into my eyes, I wonder if he could see written there the secret of what I was thinking?


(for Dorian.)


Jellyfish said...

Woo hoo! I've had a few brushes with the man himself, including one time I took some kids to the theatre and he was sitting in the row behind us. I was in a fit of excitement and I had to tell SOMEONE, so I told the kids, 'Shh, and don't look, but the guy behind us is a really famous actor!' and of course, they all went, at the top of their lungs, 'WHAT? WHO, MISS, WHO?! WHERE?! HIM? IS HE ON HOME AND AWAY?'. Geoffrey sat there with his kids giving me a face like, 'Thanks for ruining my nice quiet family day out, you jackass.'

Lucy Tartan said...

That's the same face he gave me, just for looking at him on the footpath!

If you don't want people to recognise you, maybe don't wear an orange t-shirt, is all I'm saying.