Monday, 18 April 2005

Patriots on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Probably i'm late to this particular party, but whatevz. I was just fooling round snooping through a few blogs (while eating my lunch, don't worry, I AM working on thesis today) and came in on the tailends of a conversation about a rabidly, scarily pro-war pro-Bush "music" video, and an apparently hysterical mash-up corrective some kind person had made of it. But there was only a link given to the mashup, & the link proved to be dead, as if the parody site had been shut down. Dang! Tracing the traces back to Wonkette produced both links. But surprise surprise, the parody link was dead there also. So I just downloaded the "original": and o my lord, it is SCARY!

in fact it's so scary that I'm 98% sure it's a hoax, same as that spewing-live-on-daytime-tv thing that did the rounds a while back. A majorly suss element is the parody-disclaimer notice on the video page which does nothing but advertise the fact that there's a parody out there somewhere. It's what the kids are all calling "viral marketing" I believe (though until The Age runs a breaking-news story on viral marketing like yesterday's on stencil art, I wouldn't want to go making any outrageous predictions.) But back to the video-thing. Here's a test. If you haven't seen this thing yet, go look at it now, don't go googling first to see what you can find out. Then come back here & tell me whether you think it's a put-up job too outrageously South Park to be for real.

UPDATE: I've just been playing it again. I don't care whether it's for real or not: it's HYSTERICAL EITHER WAY


Scrivener said...

I think I'd find the video funnier if I weren't living in the midst of a very Republican state. I mean, I do find it funny, but I am less certain that it's a parody.

katy said...

Yeah, Luke and I struggled with this same quandary over its sincerity. I think we decided that it's just scary enough to be real. Unfortunately, our faith in parody, irony and all those other acts of insightful rebellion have been thoroughly undermined in the last few years.

But what really gets me about this video is that the guy can't even properly pronounce the land he so thoroughly loves: Uh-meh-rah-kah!!!! That's the only real inkling I have that it might be a fake. The rest of it is all too chillingly real.

I especially love the line which goes something like: "I'm with you in another way" as though he's really saying "but not in the Biblical sense".

I'm thoroughly immature ;)

Brownie said...

After reading about Slavoj and Analia's Lacanian wedding I am not sure of anything anymore either. I thought the whole Lacanian thing was a joke until I Google-ed all the names. Ridiculous theory titles coupled with his drugged and sloppy appearance made me doubt it all. Redeeming factor was my discovery of the photo now on my blog, of the guys in boxes - although I cannot see what connection with Lacan it has.
Katy, re: 'Uh-meh-rah-kah' - it sounds like a backwoods pronunciation of the South Park type.

Dr Henrik Ziegler said...

Three words, first:

Great. Staggering. Fuck.

And a bunch more:

The guy's called Dennis "Danger" Madalone. He was stunt man/co-ordinator on all manner of things; from Star Trek to That's My Bush! to Pulp Fiction.. presumably how he knows enough post-production types to get those flashy-but-tacky (done as a favour?) effects happening etc..

Also covered here. (includes comments from someone claiming to be his niece..)

But all in all it looks like this guy is serious. Maybe it's a result of all that blunt head trauma, being set on fire etc.. fucks with your self-perception.