Sunday, 6 March 2005

the Others

(question: how carp would a blog be, where all the headers were names of movies? answer: exceptionally.)

When I come in here to write it's usually hard on the heels of at least an hour of flipping through other blogs and so it's perhaps not that surprising that the topic I find I mostly want to sound off on is....other bloggers.

But, best not to go there, eh? You don't want to get drawn into either mindless admiration fests, or into kicking people who you don't know (and who you might actually enjoy talking to in real life.)

So, having decided to keep away from a huge thick bundle of subjects already (sticky, sackable, bitchy, boring), it's hard to know where to find anything at all. Oh yes, a blogger with NOTHING to say!! Unless i do a Pollyanna and talk about people I like. But it's like Tolstoy more or less said, nice normal happy sanity is basically unnarratable (and I suppose that's the reason why I spend a sizeable part of my time - not all of it, mind - reading the drivellings of people who I loathe - and i guess also why my thesis is not yet finished)

just in case that last remark is clear as mud, I lerrrrve a lot of the blogs I read. nearly all.