Thursday, 10 March 2005

the New Efficiency

I have turned into a Positivity Engine. Something i heard on Radio Nasho a little while ago (no further details, too boring) made me think that perhaps the solution to some of my difficulties could be to stop thinking about how much stuff i have to do, how little time, how hard it's all going to be etc, and just Get On Wi' It (TM). So far (three or four days) it's worked a treat: the house is quite tidy, there are clean clothes hanging in the closet, my thesis is nearer being finished at the end of the day than it was in the morning, and I have almost made enough handbags to pay for my university fees and car registration. I went to the doctor. I had my eyebrows waxed. I bought a plain black merino jumper - something that in the past has turned into an epic, ungodly mission into shopping hell - in under fifteen minutes! I went to bed early. I even bothered to dye my hair before the regrowth totally took over my head: hair colour maintenance is a dull, thankless, fiddly task that normally I put off forever, thus ensuring regularly daily doses of depression just when it isn't needed (ie trying to generally tidy self in order to leave house).

So, it's all going pretty well. If I could only get my lazy arse to the swimming pool a few times a week, golly, I'd feel like some sort of super hero girl.