Thursday, 10 May 2018

Real life and internet life

Yeah, look I think the same as you: the distinction between real life and internet life is false all the way down, beginning with the basic move of asserting that engagements mediated by a device somehow aren't 'real.'

That said there are some profound differences between those categories of human experience.

This was today's work afternoon tea

This was a picture of Vinnie that Leonard asked me to post in some daft cat pics facebook group I'm in - I was showing Lenny some cat pictures for educational purposes. See how one person has liked it there?

This is the liker

Ok so these are some of Emil's friends

This is Emil's cover picture.


JahTeh said...

One should not judge a book by its cover but these are some very scary looking books. Dog lovers would probably say typical cat lovers. Are you sure Vinnie is a cat and not something else in diguise? I don't know Vinnie but remembering some of the wildness of Baz, he might have loved them.

elsewhere said...

Vinne just knows the best peeps.