Sunday, 9 October 2005


I've changed my display name on Blogger - out of petulance more than for any real pressing reason. Feel free to keep calling me whatever you called me before, though, and don't worry about changing blogroll labels, or anything like that. This is my thinking: anybody who searches the internet for me, by my name or by my blog's name, is looking for me, and will easily find me (because of The Valve, where I use my real name.) That's perfectly fine and OK. What I'm not so fine with is searches for random content which I happen to have (etc etc). I'm off Google now, it didn't seem all that purposeful anyway. Going on Sitemeter evidence alone, do google searches that lead to blogs *ever* give the searchers what they want?
I never did do one of those "wacky searches that led to my blog" posts, so here's an an ersatz version for posterity. Most people came here in hot pursuit of reviews of "Klippan" mattresses sold by Ikea, information about the Sun and Moon sculptures in Malvern, the Fairy Tree, and an "outline of Sorrow" (whatever in hell that means). Then there were searches for "ex-girlfriend" of a person on my blogroll, "loobylu dissertation" (would love to know what that was about), & my favourite of all time, "where is Australia". Of course, you would go looking through blogs to find that out.
Note, please, the complete absence of pornographic and lewd search strings. Buggered if I know how that worked out.

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