Sunday, 26 May 2019


There was a lot of seriously wonderful writing going on in blogs across the first decade of this century. At the time I didn't quite appreciate the situation. I mostly took it for granted that brilliant, thoughtful, funny and engaged people round the world would do their best and utmost sense-making work every day in the feeds, and I suppose I also assumed this utopia of the public sphere would go on forever, continuing to gain strength.

I read k-punk on and off for ten years starting in 2004. What a crackling, lacerating, brilliant body of work.
I've gone to some trouble to pdf Jenny Turner's LRB review of a new collection of Mark Fisher's work - here. You should read it.

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JahTeh said...

I recently joined Twitter to try to catch up with people I'd lost touch with in the last ten years but it doesn't have the "comfortable old slippers" appeal of blogger. I feel as though I'm in Prep but someone has mistakenly put me in Year 6. I have found the friends but not connected with them, 10 years is too long but I do know they are still around.