Friday, 2 March 2018


Basil died almost six years ago but his memory lives on. The apple tree planted over his ashes is almost as tall as the house now - that's too tall for an apple tree - and it produces apples that are firm and bitter and strong. Vinnie is right here with me but if he is smart he won't try to replace Basil in my heart, because nobody ever can.

There is still no prize for getting a Bazlotto. I could really go a piece of celebratory chocolate, but even though I did have the Diana Trask dream last night I will not be going out to the shops because Leonard is asleep, and also, I seem to be much drunker than I expected to be.

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elsewhere said...

I can't believe it is six years since he died! I have never gotten more than 4/5 playing Baz-lotto.