Thursday, 8 February 2018

Privacy - reconsidered

Hello, dear readers. I've thought more about how to provide myself with the kind of writing space I want, and what I've decided to do is to start a second blog, a closed one, and use it when I feel the need to write for a readership I understand. I decided not to close down this blog. It always made me sad when I'd check in on a favourite blog of yesteryear and I saw it had gone underground or just disappeared. I think the two can coexist.

The new one is called Relentless Positivity. It's open to invited readers only (or it's meant to be - please, if you can see it and you haven't asked to, PLEASE let me know so I can go muddle around again in the settings), and I am fairly certain that it doesn't produce an RSS feed (I intend to make myself properly sure about that as soon as I can find the time.) I will continue writing here at Sills Bend, and when there's a new post on the other blog, I'll say so here so that any reader who has access to and interest in the second blog will not need to bother checking when there isn't anything new. 

If you requested access to a closed version of Sills Bend I'll send you an invitation to Relentless Positivity shortly, and to everyone else there's a standing invitation to request access, or if you prefer, to ignore the whole thing, probably with a huge sigh of relief. I don't mind if you read the new blog or not - this one might be plenty and I continue to enjoy not really knowing whose eyeballs are out there. I appreciated the things said by those of you who requested invitations - the explicit gestures of friendship, the affirmations, the willingness to tell me something as simple and as important as who you are, and thank you for saying that you hope I'm okay and that you hope things will get better. I am, and they will. 

I think this is a better plan. What made me reconsider was actually the experience of reading communications from readers whose existence and identity I had had little or no idea about. It brought home to me that anonymous readers have a good and interesting function and I want to keep open the possibility of writing in that context.

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