Friday, 14 July 2017


It's Friday evening and I had a substantial dinner but I am just wanting to eat, eat, eat in this freezing weather. I would really like some chocolate, which normally I don't think about but this was one of those weeks where people keep bringing chocolate and cake to work so I consumed a lot of sugar recently and thus I have cravings. There is no chocolate in the house however so I am making do with a G&T that has far too much G in it. In summary of Part One of this opus I have been quite drunk for the last fifteen minutes and it's only going to get more drunken from here on out, I note the glass is still two-thirds full.  Or is it just that I am very very tired? I have this delirious exhaustion fairly often in the evenings - not from drinking just form getting up too early and going to bed too late and being horribly confused about everything that happens in between, usually while it is still happening. One night not long ago I was reading Lenny's bedtime story to him and I became so drowsy that I was delirious. I heard myself say something about chocolate pudding and that it will keep. (Those are not themes in the book.)

Anyway, what I really thought I had better inform the whole world of is the depressing or maybe irritating (possibly highly offensive) news that I am really sick of my current work lunch.  Said lunch consists of some brown rice in a bowl, on it a green vegetable like bok choy or broccoli or maybe beans, which I cut up and steam in the microwave, with about half a block of tofu cubed and stirred in, with maybe some sauerkraut if I have some in the fridge, sesame oil, lime juice, and always a shiteload of sriracha sauce. It is very boring but also amazingly delicious and I bring all the components to work in their pure form and cook and combine them just before I eat it. Two things save it from being a source of simple smugness (as opposed to complicated smugness): one is that while it looks abstemious and all that I do eat a lot of toxic crap as well so it evens out. The other is the pleasure and enjoyment I get out of eating tofu, it is immensely delicious, and that deliciousness comes with the added bonus that it seems to gross some people out, to the point of gagging and retching, to see someone else eat 'raw' tofu. I love tofu and everything about it. I love the way it wobbles, the flavour of it, the nice compliant yielding way it slices and crumbles, the way it looks. It is good. Better than good. Maybe I need to ditch all the other stuff and just focus on the tofu.

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Ann ODyne said...

Yes. TOFU.
no animals were harmed in the making of tofu.

in a pan with grated ginger, tamari, shallots, bean shoots, ...

when life gives you lemons, make a G&T