Monday, 15 May 2017

Mothers' day

Leonard was so exquisitely sweet to me yesterday morning.

He seems to have discovered what a pleasure it is to plan and do something nice for somebody you love. He had bought me some little gifts at the market at school on Friday, and he and Dorian also presented me with a pair of bike panniers and a pair of cycling gloves (which I was so grateful for this morning, in the damp and freezing fog at 6.30 am, although my hands were still feeling like they were plunged into a barrel of ice) and I got my current favourite breakfast* brought to me in bed. It is traditional that Lenny gets in bed with me and eats his breakfast in my bed too. So he did that. And while he was doing that he was cuddling me and whispering nice things to me, and just looking so very, very happy about the whole exercise. But I think he got to a point where he felt that gifts of things are only able to go so far, and what he wanted to do was make a bigger gesture of affection - something that he knew I wanted very much, and which would cost him something to give. So he said, Mummy, because it's Mothers' Day I will do everything you ask me to do, the first time you ask me to do it. And, more or less, that's what happened. A couple of times late in the day I had to remind him of his oath, and each time he clearly struggled for a few minutes but the solemnity of the promise won in the end.

*This is the dish that I ate for breakfast each day at craft camp - the utter luxury and bliss of cooking something delicious for oneself and eating it alone, at whatever time one feels like breakfast, well, let's just say that being a parent has many nice aspects but pleasing yourself with what you eat isn't one of them. I can't think how I overlooked blogging the recipe. Well, here it is in case you ever need to know what to cook for my breakfast. For instance if I fall off a cruise ship and it is your trawler that plucks me out of the ocean. Cook me this so I feel better.


Beat up three eggs with some milk or even better with cream if you have some. Put them in a pan with lots of molten butter and let them cook very slowly and gently. Don't shove them about the pan. You're poking them too much, stop it. Just leave them alone FFS would you. Cripes, just let them set, then flop them about a bit until it's all cooked but also all very tender. DO NOT LET THE EGGS DRY OUT. If this happens you will have to scrape the lot off the side of the boat into the sea and start again (with a clean pan).

Get some delicious, soft, tangy goat's curd cheese and break it up into lumps. Pick a small handful of flat parsley leaves. Put the eggs into a bowl and fold the cheese and parsley gently through. Now pour at least half a bottle of green Tabasco sauce on top. Poke some little holes in the egg biomass so the Tabasco runs into the middle. That ought to do it. NO TOAST! toast is for the weak. Some coffee too please. oooooooohhhhhhhhhh


Liz Miller said...

You had me right up until Tabasco. Alas, my guts don't do well with spicy anymore. [sob]

But what a wonderful gift from your kid! The gift of not ARGUING. WOOOOT

Ann ODyne said...

lovely Leonard.
trick with eggs you probably know - have a dedicated egs pan never used for anything else and only wiped cleaned after with a paper towel. never sticks.

that recipe was great but look over here a Nutella cafe -

happy pedalling