Sunday, 9 April 2017

The confluuuuuuuence

Possibly my favourite place in Melbourne and therefore in the entire world.

It always feels like something amazing is about to happen there. That feeling is 100% detectable from this photograph. If you cannot yourself detect it, that is your problem and not mine, or, as Robert Downey Snr says in Boogie Nights, "That's a YP not an MP." The photo depicts peak Dights, ie the time of day when it's getting dark, it's so empty of human beings that you start to wonder if everyone else in the city is dead, and the bats are about to come. MAg1c!! Such a good place to loaf around in and wonder what you should do next. Nothing very inspired has ever come of the time I have wasted thus, but you never know, and that's precisely the beauty of the place: next time might be the time that something amazing happens. You will hear all about it when it does (maybe.)

Because the weather bureau, for reasons best known to itself, lied through its teeth about the weather today, I didn't use my bike to get across town and consequently did not get to hang out at the old confluence. This photo wasn't taken today, but I wish it had been.

I am only bothering to write this down because a) addicted to this nonsense, as you know and b) cannot summon the willpower to stop it, get up offa the couch and begin on the soul-destroying ordeal of finding 2.5 complete sets of clothing for tomorrow (one for riding to work in, probably getting soaking wet in the process, one for wearing whilst working, and one-half for combining with the dry half of the morning ride-to-work to ride to the doctor's in: nb must arrive there in not too wet, sweaty, filthy and otherwise gross of a condition as I will be lying on her couch and do not want to transfer markings onto the upholstery. Oh, actually this is great. I can tell her about how I don't want to dirty up her couch - she will be even more pleased with this than she was the time I told her I had dreamed about doing **** with ****** underneath a *********.


Anonymous said...

Just discovered you're blogging again. Binge reading here in dialysis, now up to Feb 13. Excellent reading.

gill s

lucy tartan said...

Gill, I am so glad I could provide you with binge reading for dialysis. And it's great to hear from you x