Sunday, 30 April 2017

Leonard was born six years ago today

Lenny wasn't able to sleep last night for excitement about birthday presents: he got up at about nine pm, very unusually, and I got into bed with him, intending to get out again when he had gone to sleep but I fell asleep too, of course, and when I woke up it was 11:30. So I went and got in my bed. Not long after that Lenny got up again and got in bed with me. We were both asleep when Dorian got home, but by the early hours Len and I were both awake. He kept asking me in a whisper if it was morning yet. And so the seventh year of being Leonard's mother began in a very similar way to the first, with this lovely body - oddly small, considering the volume of psychological space it occupies -  cuddled in my arms, and severe sleep deprivation. Lenny was smaller before and the sleep deprivation was chronic rather than occasional, but otherwise not much different.

I sat down here ready to go the full five-thousand-worder about the things I think about on Lenny's birthday, but I'm utterly exhausted and I keep falling asleep. It'll keep until tomorrow.

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meli said...

Oh, happy birthday Leonard! I remember hearing about his arrival because my Felix is only three months older... Going by my limited experience I'd have to say that six year olds are pretty fabulous.