Saturday, 11 March 2017

It's still really beautiful here

Not much moonlight tonight owing to cloud cover. I had such a good day today. Began with unplanned and unselfconscious yoga in my pyjamas in a paddock. I don't think I have ever actually saluted the sun before.  I had a cup of coffee with me and drank in between asanas. Yoga is one of those things, like eating tofu and like not dyeing my hair, that I like best when it can be indulged or practiced in a manner or context which is pleasantly balanced between its innate wholesomeness and a thoroughly unwholesome variation or adaptation of my own devising. This morning I left my glasses there on the ground in the paddock and forgot about them, eventually remembered though and retrieved them before they were snaffled by a large crow which was standing beside them when I went back. Much of the rest of the day has been spent leaning forward over needlework and getting nicely drunk, so to round it off I will finish sewing the fastenings on the very pretty 1940s dress I have been working on today, have another quiet gin and tonic in the abandoned sewing studio(everyone else is in bed, I think) then go outside and do some drunk yoga in the paddock in the dark. Back bends are go.....

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