Thursday, 23 February 2017

A little less conversation, a little more (footwear log) action

Gave myself a horrid fright when I opened the email with this photo attached, as a huge file, because I was not expecting the extreme close-up of leg freckles which ensued. Although one patch of freckles on my right shin looks exactly like the Trappist One system: seven dots in close orbit around a salmon-pink dwarf. I am considering examining my other freckle constellations for clues about how other systems that might have life on them might look. Could save the searchers decades. Only thirty-nine light years very, very, very thrilling.

These shoes might be the last survivors of the Campers phase to still be alive and in rotation. I have a feeling there is a reader out there who also has a pair. What has kept them intact is the fact that they are one size too small, and I only wear them when it's been long enough since the last time I wore them that I have forgotten the pain.


jac said...

I think I have 2 pairs of Campers left - these, and tall boots. Wait, and black heeled Mary Jane type things. I think that's it. How the mighty have fallen. I did wear Converse today though, and the 2yo stared at them in fascination/revulsion. "Look. Your FEET."

lucy tartan said...

I used to love mary jane type shoes but they look kind of daggy to me these days. Crying on the inside a little bit, for my vanished youth.