Sunday, 5 December 2010


Last night was the latest night for a long time - got home around about midnight and was so exhausted I actually slept right through till late morning, consequently waking up with a much too full bladder and sore tummy. (Get used to the new, frequently whining Me, by the way. A great many of the silver linings connected with the Miracle of Birth have their own attendant clouds, not usually of the bows and flows of angel hair variety either.)

Dorian took me into the city to see This Is Spinal Tap at the rooftop cinema. I did enjoy it despite having seen the film probably more than ten times now. It was a perfectly lovely evening weather-wise and the roof space on top of Curtin House is nice, but thanks to choosing to sit maybe a little bit too close to the vent pipes it was more often a case of being able to smell the sewage rather than smelling the glove. But it was fun and also educational to discover that so very many people leave their homes on Saturday evenings! Get dressed up and walk around in the city! I don't know what exactly is the matter with them all, but it must be severe.


Tim said...

On a recent Saturday night foray into the city I felt like I was turning into my dad, who always, when my brother and I were heading out for a weekend bender, used to ask with sitcom-dad-worthy bafflement, "But what do you *do* in town all night?"

lucy tartan said...

I must be a sitcom dad.