Friday, 22 August 2008

self portrait with hydrocephaly

Kirsty, Sophie, and Pav have all made pictures of themselves as Manga characters.

I tried to do pictures of the cats which didn;t work at all (and then one of Kevin Rudd which is almost right but yet needs a tweaking more vigorous than I can be bothered providing right now) but only the self portrait came out not looking mad. I'm not sure it looks as much like me as theirs look like them. (Special Language Log-authorised syntax in action, there.)


In this illustration I am sitting in a cinema, watching Tropic Thunder which really wasn't that funny. I'm looking smug because I just ate a chocolate and marshmallow icecream.

Now you should do one of yourself. I will be very happy to post it here if you don't have a blog of your own.


blue milk said...

I like how you're offering to host other people's avatars. That sounds like sarcasm, but I'm serious, it is really rather a sweet offer to make to readers who don't have their own blogs.

Anyway, they're fun to make no?

lucy tartan said...

Yes, they are. Perfectly pitched for a bit of light relief.

I liked Mel Under-Whimsy's take on the idea.

The few people who comment here semi-regularly but don't blog - I'd like to know how they see themselves. It'll be fun if somebody volunteers.

momo said...

Hi Laura,

Unrelated - but thought you'd like this for your cat links.

You've probably seen this site:

But these ones are much more handsome:

lucy tartan said...

Thanks Momo, I love it. Laughing with a mouth full of food.

Kate H said...

Well, you know what I look like in RL but here's the link to my rather more glamorous and large-eyed me:

Anonymous said...

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