Sunday, 29 June 2008

From the archives (because I'm really busy at the mo, doing nothing blogworthy, and also it seems like a waste to only post posts once)

'terrifying spider post', November 2005

Are you afraid of massive spiders?

I apologise for the blurriness, but it is a bit hard to hold the camera still when any moment a huge black spider is going to fling itself onto your face.

===== here endeth the repost =====

I am doing nothing but writing at the moment, and while I would really like to be able to write stuff here there is nothing for me to write about. When I finish this block of writing I'm afraid I will be going back on the Jane Austen intravenously and I daresay there will be posts all right but they will be austeny. Sorry about that. Hence the spider photos.

Albie is having a tooth taken out tomorrow. I will ask the vet to put it in a bottle.


Ampersand Duck said...

I have (secretly) kept all of Bumblebee's baby teeth, and checked with his dentist last week how many are left to fall out (2). When I have them all, I'm going to have a necklace made, similar to those pearls threaded on wire, one strand for top teeth, the other for the bottom ones, all in order. Lordy, I can't wait.

lucy tartan said...

Worth having a kid just for the souvenir necklace.

I'll send you Albie's tooth for a spare.

Tim said...

I think this post was one of the first that I read on your blog. It remains the most terrifying.

Another Outspoken Female said...

Poor Albie. After a fair amount of nagging on my part I persuaded the NB to take one of his felines who we've nicknamed "Stinky" to the vet to get her teeth cleaned. $350 and 4 teeth removed later (some had already fallen out but he hadn't noticed) she is now the sweetest smelling critter in the house. She was a sad, scared not-so-wee thing for a few days afterwards though.

R.H. said...

Come clean, this is a compilation: 'The best of RH.'

Keep going!


genevieve said...

My daughter had a teeth collection - some are hers, some are her brother's. We took some snaps prior to her recent garage sale (I think she has kept them.)

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Here is my matching fly.