Friday, 17 March 2006

If you've been paying attention

If you've been dutifully paying this blog the sort of lavish, minutely detailed attention it really deserves - nay, demands - you will already know that my nose is slightly crooked (definite drift to the left) and I am correspondingly slightly hung up about things like having my picture taken.

Unless the picture is taken from the side, of course. Always happy to exhibit myself in profile, so when the distinguished Norm Geras invited me to strike some attitudes for inclusion in his portrait gallery, I eagerly complied. Thanks, Norm, that was a lot of fun.

Now, run along and read all about me. Some of this stuff will be on the test.


Phantom Scribbler said...

I am all ready for the test. And your nose has character, that's what.

Helen said...

Great to get to know you better, Phuong.

Ampersand Duck said...

That's the best thing I've read all day. Seriously.


ThirdCat said...

I have been desperately toying with the idea of getting those french tip fingernails. For what reason I do not know. I don't even own a nail file. Thanks for saving me a substantial sum of money.

Brownie said...

I came here to say that I hope you handed in The Very Last Word, and feel good?
Then the Norm thing: you chose the hard questions to respond to!
You might like this book FOR cats xxx

Brownie said...


R H said...

You're good looking. Any old time. And have brains.
But best of all, you are eccentric.

I like that.


Pavlov's Cat said...


(No Bazcat pic in ANY of the five boxes.)

genevieve said...

There's some very interesting people on that profile list, go team Tartan.

Kate said...

Marvellous and very entertaining.

Though I fail to see why you can't get several large tattoos despite your not being a gazillionaire. Go on.

Just Like A Woman said...

Great work Lucy, highly entertaining.

Particularly the bit about *mixed marriages* - My husband #1 and I were cut from the same political cloth, lasted just shy of 2 years (and a very miserable 2 years they were).
Hubby #2? Poles apart politically speaking, just celebrated 20 lovely, never-a-dull-moment years together. I've learnt that political beliefs don't define who we are, tolerance and respect for each others' differences is what makes it work for us. That and lots of lively debate, 'specially around election times!

Just Like A Woman said...

Oh, and the plastic fingernails....

One day Lucy Tartan, you will succumb to the delicious glamourpuss-ish-ness of ten perfectly symmetrical, impossibly shiny french-polished talons........which will last about one week and then start to show re-growth, and come unstuck at the sides, and when they are removed your own nails will be back to normal in about 6 months or so......a tiny price to pay, well tiny compared to the actual price of the things in the first place.
*She speaks from experience*

Akaky said...

Can people actually smoke on buses in Oz? The drive to make smoking a social taboo on the order of child molestation continues apace here and it just seems odd to me that the anti-tobacco zealots have missed a place in which to force people not to smoke.

Kate said...

Akaky, no they can't smoke on buses but they do tend to smoke right before they get on buses (dragging one more smoky mouthful into their lungs at the last possible minute before flinging themselves onto the bus and the cigarette into the nearest gutter).

Anyway, smokers stink all the time -- not just when they're smoking. (No offense smokers, but you do.)

Lucy Tartan said...

Ah gosh! I stayed away fro a few days & now look. Thanks for actually reading that. I hope you stayed round at Norm's for a read of some other posts.

Kate said it. With me though the problem really is confined to public transport situations where I'm already inclined to motion sickness and where it's hard to sit next to a wide open window. Some of my best friends smoke.

No I will never be tempted. that's a safe bet. I'm thinking of the enormous squared off platsic ones with piercings and other weird decorations. If my own nails could ever be preserved ungnawed for long enough to get a nice tasteful French polish, well, that'd be a different story.

I took the key words in that question to be "radically different" - extending beyond mainstream party politics & into subjects like feminism, welfare, and the proper treatment of refugees. I can't picture myself contentedly partnered with a person who thought feminism was a load of nonsense, for example. As it happens I think D & I do differ slightly over some strategic questions to do with the Iraq war, but not over general principles.

It's a matter of the cost of getting a really top-notch tattoo. That's all.

Woo! That's even rarer (I think) than full-baz.

Thank you.

Alas, no, it's still albatrossing round my neck, and I should be dealing with it right now. Thanks for the link - very pretty pictures.

I thought I picked the easy questions!! "what would I do with the United Nations", wtf?? cook it some paella? Heh. The hardest question really was which are my favourite blogs. Literally no way I could answer that, even privately to myself, short of just pointing to the links list.

Brownie said...

I think ... Norm Geras (despite his IQ) is a Righteous Smoker. Am sure he has mentioned this several times. I have to agree on the vileness of having a smoker behind one when on a bus. ewk!

Kent said...

It's the smokers at bus stops on rainy days that get me riled up... and wet.