Monday, 24 October 2005

More Mashup Fun

Another of Dorian's mashups -

this one is Gorrilaz v Beatles. Who hasn't always yearned to put Paul McCartney up against Shaun Ryder? It's an aesthetic combination resembling perfumed printed embossed rose-pink toilet paper used for its proper and inevitable purpose.

The mash is called Dare Michelle.

He posts these to a bootleg / mashup community. This one triggered a low-level internet scrag fight. The main objection (from the objectors side) appeared to be that it's somehow sacreligious to shift the pitch of a Beatles vocal, because our ears know it so intimately it's always going to sound "wrong" if it's not presented au naturel. What do you think about that?

I think one important point about the mash / remix is that nothing's sacred. Familiar sounds are just as available for tweaking as unfamiliar ones. But I am biased.


jacqueline said...

My sister's name is Michelle. She (and I) must have heard that particular Beatles tune sung in every key, pitch and tone imaginable. That version sounds pretty good by comparison.

Ampersand Duck said...

It's a terrific mash-up. It's only pitch, for feck's sake. You can still tell it's McCartney. He always did have Muppet potential, and you've helped him fulfil it a tad.

But I really like it. I'm going to play it again. and again.