Sunday, 9 October 2005


I baked challah this afternoon, following this recipe (and encouraging nonintimidating instructions) from Phantom Scribbler. Thanks, PS. It turned out pretty well! By which I mean, it resembles bread more than it resembles any other vaguely eatable substance.

Next time I might roll the three snakes of dough a bit longer & thinner and plait them a bit tighter so the loaf is flatter. It smells very nice in my kitchen right now.


Clancy said...

Oh, YUM. That looks scrumptious.

Phantom Scribbler said...

Oh, it looks lovely. Much better than my last loaf turned out. (A long story involving a baby determined to nurse at all the wrong moments.) Applause for the baker!!

Lucy Tartan said...

It was Yum! (yes, it's all gone, already. In defence I took some to uni and forced a friend to eat it, lightly toasted, with leatherwood honey. Mmmmm)