Monday, 21 March 2005

LOL!!!! omg!

Yahoo! has just bought Flickr. How very, very interesting.

The Flickr blog posting about this is worth reading: if only for the masterly way whoever composed it plays upon the implied Flickr user's aspirations, and fears too, I suppose. I specially liked this line:
Yahoo Photos and Flickr have different kinds of users with different needs, and will remain separate for the foreseeable future. Flickr would also suffer from a sudden deluge of LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg! so we're going to grow it carefully.

The blog post also seems to say that Pro accounts are going to become cheaper, which suits me.

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queen t said...

peace...quite random. i will be in Melbourne for a few days next week. so you seem like you know where the cool, crafty kids hang out. any suggestions of creative venues ans activities to check out? how to hear from you at my blog or on e-mail...peace.