Friday, 8 April 2022

Chanticleer fell in the bath

Leonard has been fairly unwell this week. I'm having to believe it isn't Covid, since he has been testing negative for five days, including one PCR, but it certainly looks and sounds like it. So a couple of days ago I made him take a bath instead of showering, and when he got out, for reasons best known to himself he left the plug in. A while later I was lying on my bed reading and I heard a terrible commotion coming from the bathroom, and then I saw a bedraggled wet fluffy black cat run out the door looking both persecuted and guilty. I realised he must have been trying to have a little drinkie of the cold cloudy bathwater or maybe to play with it somehow, and fell in, because he's bad at doing things that are important.

Als, today, Craig Kelly got egged, which is very pleasing. 

Here are some photos
'I'll have more to announce about that tomorrow' as Dictator Dan used to promise us.

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