Monday, 31 May 2021

forgot to blog

 Sorry, forgot to blog - the pandemic is still on though, and the liberal party are still cunts. If you were wondering what happened on days two, three, four, and five of five, probably not much, I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. I'm sure it was all fine.

Dot points:

  • I'm in bed and I've got both cats, but they are here because of freshly washed fluffy mohair blankets and not because of me. I've also got six pillows and a cup of liquorice tea. It's cold tonight, the stinging sort of cold that makes climate deniers really excited and happy. It's ok during the day because the sky is blue and the sun shines on things, but it's going to be a bitter winter once the dullness and greyness closes in. And that means I am probably going to get really, really fat.
  • A week ago I thought my pandemic experience had decisively changed, from being an existential terror to an ordeal by administration, but then everything went to shit again in Melbourne and here we are in another lockdown, my guess is a full month of this then a gradual easing of restrictions. But who knows. Everyone's triggered. I got up and did a Zoom gym class at seven and the people in it were glum. My workmates are gloomy. 
  • On the weekend I succeed in getting myself injected with the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, many months before I had expected it would be possible for me. Therapy today was devoted to unpacking why I believed I would not be given the vaccine when I presented for it, even though I had made an appointment, and also why I bothered to show up given I fully expected to be turned away because of some kind of technical error in the booking system. But the whole exercise was as smooth and as mundane as the check-in process at an airport. When the pandemic started I thought that receiving a vaccine would mark the end of the pandemic as a personal experience; I don't think that now, but it's a turning point, and it happened under appropriately surreal circumstances. 
  • I went to the rectangle with Leonard this evening, nostalgically and indulgently as we'd already had an extensive play at the much more glamorous oval, and I was overcome with anger because someone had placed a transistor in one of the football-watching shelters and it was blaring out bad FM radio. I said to a man my age stiff-leggedly kicking a soccer ball in figure eights round little plastic cones, Is that your radio, I knew it was his because of all his equipment, and he goes Yes why? and I said Because it's really annoying. He said Well I like it and you should go home if you don't like it. I walked away and he called after me Everyone here likes it. 
  • I went with my beloved partner to Tasmania in April and it was heaven. I have also had a haircut and bought some long straight pleated skirts. I found a tall potted fiddle-leaf fig the foyer of my building. It had a piece of paper bearing the word 'Free' slid between two of its leaves, so I took it home. 

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