Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Everything sucks

Apparently there is a TV show called "Everything sucks", which only proves my point. I can't even say that everything sucks without that simple utterance being ruined by some mediocre piece of garbage. Nevertheless, everything sucks enormous jobs, and if you resisted the temptation to click through to the Paris Review article with the picture of Alexander Melamid holding his own bum portrait, well, you are made of stronger stuff than me, but also, why are you bothering to be made of such strong stuff? The suckage is everywhere and it will definitely get you in the end. I neglected to mention yesterday that as well as his arse, Alexander* has included in his painting his large, dangling ballsack. Good for him.

I have been listening to Neil Young a lot lately so here is some Neil Young for you, I suppose this song is one thing that doesn't suck

I love the way he pulls focus just at the next to last line, and drops for a second into an intimate first person. It's heartbreaking and it's what gives the song its power. 

See you later, and remember, everything other than "Cortez the Killer" sucks!

*formality of address feels pointless under the circumstances

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