Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hi blog

Sorry dear blog for not posting for more than two weeks. As you know our wedding is on this Saturday and I still have quite a few things to do like finishing my dress which I am totally bored with making and generally agonising over. There have been several other things like we FINALLY had the asbestos roof removed and a new corrugated iron one put on instead. Also, I've had a lot of work work to do (got a lecture to write for Monday, for eg). So I prob won't be back until the middle of next week, altho I would like to try to fit in a bit of weddingday liveblogging if I can manage it. The night before last we fitted out my study as a bloggers' lounge (desk and bookshelves out, slightly scary cane lounge suite found on nature strip in). There has been a fair amount of furniture-moving going on, as you might expect if you've ever been to our place and thought about how you would fit ninety people in there.

If you're coming to this wedding here are some dot points for your consideration:

* the weather bureau seem determined that it's going to be a coolish day with maybe a few showers in the morning. Boo to that. But yeah, it could rain, and the ceremony is outside, so be prepared.

* On the other hand, last Saturday we had a practice in the back yard and I got sunburnt. So be prepared for that too possibly.

* There's just the normal amount of car parking in our street. The train is recommended, and the station is five minutes walk away from the house.

* People have asked about wedding presents. Firstly these are unnecessary. Secondly if you want to buy us a third-world chicken from Oxfam that would be lovely. Thirdly I have always coveted one of these. Fourthly, the front yard still has a lot of room for plants in it (west-facing, clay, not getting a lot of water.)

Since I probably won't be back on the internets before next week I will also note that I've got an article in this coming Saturday's Age which will explain in abundant detail why it's a very good thing that we don't have a ute nor any other vehicle capable of fitting very much scavenged stuff into the back. Enjoy.


Tim said...

Hope all goes well. On recent form it's surely unlikely to rain much. I'll have my fingers crossed for you that it doesn't.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

All who have ever lived in Melbourne already have 'small fold-up umbrella' and '30+ blockout' at the top of our packing lists, I'm sure.

I may attempt to liveblog teh nupshals from the iPhone on the day. Have not yet tried to take photo and post same to blog, but will practise over the next 2 days.

Don't worry about anything. It'll be fab.

Dina Roberts said...

Have a Happy Wedding, but most of all....have a wonderful marriage.

librarygirl said...

Hoping for a fine day for you weatherwise. Remember The Day Goes So Fast, so enjoy yourself. And remember to eat something.

Hope you will be posting a pic or two on the blog!

Ann ODyne said...

will 90 people freak the felines?
have catcarriers to hand.
Just think about yourselves, as the other will be wanting you to.
Don't frighten the groom.

Much love and best wishes
(I will even buy The Age)

genevieve said...

I'm sure you will have a great time - best wishes to you both, remember to have a good party.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to photos of your whole entourage, with zinc on their noses and umbrellas up.

Will you distribute black umbrellas so your guests can sheild you from the paparazzi?

Ben.H said...

Have a great day! Please don't liveblog or twitter the ceremony/reception.

Zoe said...

Best wedding I ever went to was conducted in a shelter shed at the beach because it was pissing down. You can always dress up and take pictures another day - they did.

And Ben, what's wrong with liveblogging your wedding? Got to do something to blow Auntie Beryl's hair back.

R.H. said...

Having seen Miss Pavlov on the guest list I might show up.

(only kidding)

jac said...

Have a wonderful day! Will we have a formal portrait with the entire wedding party, collars and all?

elaine said...

Have a lovely day!

I hope the broidesmaids don't get their frocks too grubby!

my wedding gift for you

Suse said...

Happy nuptials for tomorrow!

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Happy wedding eve! (And congrats on your imminent Ageification. That's way cool.)

Anonymous said...

Great article LT. Terrific synthesis of Sorrow at Sills and stylish journalism. Congratulations and I hope there will be more.


Ann ODyne said...

12:30 Saturday
Wishing you well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your article published AND getting married on the same day!! Best wishes- it's not raining. Enjoy

Helen said...

Also Saturday, Congratulations Laura and I'm so happy the rain held off for you - at least it did over here in teh West. I found out kind of too late that I was supposed to be part of the 4 pm wave, so please accept my grovelling apologies!

Laura + Dorian: ultimate mashup!

xxxxxxx Helen Balcony

R.H. said...

Good heavens, married already, and
Florence Nightingale caused a scandal wanting to leave home at thirty-two.
Well that's it, all done, a new diploma. And general benefit. Nothing you do is ever a waste.