Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Wednesday night procrastination

Dateline 9.34pm

I can't stay. Just dropped in to write that I'm very sorry for being such a bad blogger, I don't like it....but it could be worse, I could be liveblogging the Commonwealth Games, which are being opened right now, or foisting something similarly appalling upon you.


update: Defector to the Mother Country Ben H. supplies all yr liveblogging Stolenwealth Games (as heard about on the BBC) needs.

Update #2: and after I wrote that silly remark, naturally there is all kinds of very pleasurable Empire Games Live Blogging to be had round the traps, thoughtfully provided by expert fashioners of silk purses from sows' ears.

I'm still waiting, though, for a satisfactory explanation of the reasoning behind the colossal insensitivity of a flying tram disgorging literally millions of whimsical tram conductors, since all Melbourne's tram conductors were most unwhimsically sacked ten years ago....errr, shouldn't they have been ticket inspectors? & shouldn't a squad of them have bellyflopped en masse onto the Skateboarding Kiddy and banged his head against asphalt?


hc said...

I am going to the games tomorrow to watch a daughter of a friend of mine compete in the ladies weightlifting. Would you like me to elicit her views on Jane Austen? Happy to help.

She's a real Madonna on steroids.

ThirdCat said...

What - no guns or handcuffs issued? And their shoes could do with a bit of a scrub. Do they not have mothers?

Lucy Tartan said...

I hope your friend's daughter did well today Harry. I bet she doesn't really take steroids!

I wonder if the scruffy shoes is because these poor children's mothers sold them into law enforcement slavery. They do seem to be enjoying themselves nonetheless.

Ben.H said...

Please excuse my liveblogging attempt turning out to be totally lame, but at least it's kind of appropriate for the event in question.

In the Games of blogging, I am Niue!


genevieve said...

Bloody freaking games, i am missing Bruce McAvaney for Chrissakes. I have even asked my husband to review his performance on 3AW for me. What has broadcasting come to? But the fish on the river were nice - I saw them tonight with younger daughter who wanted to hear Miriam Makeba in the Alexandra gardens.Noice, different, unusual.