Saturday, 11 February 2006

Would You Like Some Of Those Posters?

Good, it looks like I'll be able to pass on at least some of those old state school posters to people who appreciate that kind of stuff.

Bear in mind that they are all a bit wrecked because they're old and I fished them out of a bin. On the other hand, they're entirely brilliant as well.

If you'd like three or four, I will very happily mail you a selection, if you sling me $6 Australian to cover the cost of a mailer tube and some stamps.

Easiest way to do that, I think, is via Paypal. Here is a button. Don't forget to fill in an address for the posters to be delivered to. Use your friend's work address or your aunty's or something if you want to stay pseudonomous, and I certainly understand if you do.

Now: if you're in, give me some idea (in comments preferably) of where your interests lie. Things to consider:

colour / black & white
illustration / photography
A3 size / bigger than a3

If the choice is between poor condition but high bizarro value, and less startling imagery in better condition, what would you prefer?

Subject matter:

Mining, Sheep, Wheat etc
All Other Foods
Australian History
1066 & All That
Places Qantas Flies To
Australian Society & Culture
How Decent People Behave

Final disclaimer: the six dollars covers postage costs, I'm not interested in attempting to profit on these, I just want to share the joy around.

ps: the rat posters are spoken for.


R H said...

You dirty dogs! Grab the lot!

Most of you never went to a state school anyway!


R H said...

I take it all back.

(In trouble again)

Anonymous said...

Yes you are! Wash your mouth with soap and water!

Secretly a lot of bloggers did the post-war hybrid thing. State primary skool, see if the boy is bright, then off to the collidge if it seems to be worth it. If young Rachel was smart enough, she was able to say something about what the big girls did behind the shelter shed, and she got whisked off to Somewhere Respectable as well.

So we hit our paid for high schools half primed to either a) become a dolly clone because we were so grateful to get away from the rough kids who gave us chinese burns on the way home from skool, or b) move rapidly but surreptitiously to the Left because we could see that the kids already at the joint thought their shit didn't stink.

I will leave you to guess which way I went.

I love the way those posters are equal opportunity propaganda. In one, the evil boss flogs children to work in "a factory", while in another we are exhorted to hold hands and always walk on the right side.

I also love the way all the grateful migrants are swarthy. Now I know why we felt left out on the boat.

Anyway, I am colonising this wonderful post to say that the Flute is in town next Friday and I am provoking a gathering for him at Spleen from 6pm. We will move next door to eat, cos its cheap.

Spleen is at the top end of Bourke, south side, near Parliament House.

- barista

R H said...

Good luck with it. I hope plenty turn up.
Whyisitso would be a nice entertainment.
But he might end up throwing rocks at Parliament House.

R H said...

I want the elephant!
The Ind. Revolution!
The Right Hand Side!


The Hyatids!

Thanking you!

random said...

I just used the Paypal link (address: 21 [redacted] St., Evatt, ACT), and I daresay I'll enjoy whatever you might put in there. But for more specifics: illustration, colour, and the more bizarre the better -- big, bold slogans a bonus -- but anything is fine by me, really.

Thankyou thankyou!

Lucy Tartan said...

Thanks Random & RH.

Zoe said...

Please count me in, but I seem to have forgotten my paypal password and can't be stuffed.

I would like exciting over good quality, and am pretty keen on Australian history, but you decide.

fluffy said...

Hey LT

When you say the rats are spoken for, was that because I spoke for them? If I could get a hydatid one I'd treasure it always. Paypalling you now.

Thanks! x Fluff

Lucy Tartan said...

Yes Fluff, it was. You and Ampersand Duck.

Anonymous said...

I want the migrants, please please pretty please, but I will have to work out how to work that weird paypal thang.

- barista

paoyi said...


Ms Laura, in return for a tube of whack, slightly bad smelling posters, I have just slung a whack, but slightly bad smelling, paypal payment your way.

I'd love some illustrations, but colour vs. B&W makes no difference to me, nor does size. I'd love crazy Billy being run down (does that make me a sadist?) or any other cack-worthy illustrations with good educational intentions. Categories? -'How decent people behave' sounds intriguing, and perfect. So does 'Foreigners'. And as for food posters - if you have one about Spam, I'd love to take it off your hands. (Not that I still eat spam. Not that I ever did. (0_0)..... )

I'd love the industrial revolution poster, but I think it has been spoken for... but if that falls through?

Thanks for spreading the cheer.... you're like Santa in February.

Ampersand Duck said...

Good on you. I love the rat poster. The cat boys will like it too.

I have sent two payments, both in my name, but one is for Zoe. She'll give me the cash later. Send hers in a different tube in her name but my address, so we don't fight over choices :)

I sent extra money because I want a double dose, if that's ok. Maps, decency, 1066 and all that, whatever. Send me half nice ones and half ones I can cut up and deface!

Lovely. I'm so rapt. You are fabulous.

Kate said...

Mr Kate likes maps -- any left? He likes things about rocks too, so if you have any that fit these two criteria I shall send you six dollars promptly.

Lucy Tartan said...

Yes, lots of maps. I don't know if anybody else wants them, so you can have most of them. I don't remember anything specifically about rocks, unless you count oil and coal mining, but will look again when I go through them parcelling up tonight.

Kate said...

Cool about the maps. I leave the others to your discretion.

kate said...

can I have few Australian history/culture? some qantas action too please pretty please

paypalling now...

Lucy Tartan said...

Thank you everyone, I've doled out the good stuff, so this offer has now expired.