Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Monkey News

A rubbish post about nothing in particular. I'm afraid it had to be done in order to break the drought. Feel free not to bother reading, not that you need to be told that.

We heaved the old couch out onto the nature strip on Sunday. Tuesday morning it was gone. I know, that seems like a long time, but keep in mind that it was at least seventy years old, full of holes, and took four gasping people to lift.

The car is still broken, but it matters less, because the garage have actually given us a car to drive around in. (It's almost as old as the couch, but it goes.) On the whole they are being so incredibly nice to us that I'm beginning to fear there is an enormous bill looming on the horizon.

Yesterday I happened to notice that the reception person at the gym was reading James Frey's A Million Little Pieces (Of Shit). Something made me ask her if she knew he'd been outed as having made most of it up. "But he was on Oprah," said she, firmly. So I am down as a liar & a killjoying bastard. Shouldn't have interfered.

Also yesterday walking across campus I passed a series of trees with patches of blobs of chewing gum stuck on the trunks in a fashion I can only describe as dot-painting-like. Students are dirty creatures, and sheeplike.

It appears that Paula Fox is Courtney Love's grandmother. How amazingly perfect.

The Exorcist was rereleased in an (I think) inferior "director's cut" in 2001; I can't get hold of the original version on DVD - not in region 4 at least - and this is Frustrating me. I am checking ebay almost every day but all anyone has is the shitty tampered-with cut. The previous version (marketed as 'remastered 25th anniversary edition', circa 1998) is out of print. It seems that the people who made the film don't even know what was good about it. Either that or they don't care.

A very good blog you probably don't know about: Lorraine Crescent.

You might also try Tim's new litblog Intersecting Lines, so far it's run on very sound principles (calling a turd by its proper name etc.)

Again I apologise for all-round rubbishness (other blogs mentioned excluded of course.) Maybe tomorrow I will be able to think of something more suitable to blog about.

Updated to add a link to some genuine Monkey News for those who may be feeling cheated.


JPW said...

Chimpanzee what? There's no monkey news here!

Lucy Tartan said...

Just google "monkey news," there's more than enough to go around, surprisingly almost none of it has anything to do with Karl Pilkington.

JPW said...

Aye, but it isn't the same when not explained in his constant-blocked-nose-voice.

Zoe said...

I find announcing that you're having a hiatus generally leads to thinking of 47 things to post.

And didja see that article in the weekend paper about public art? By John MacDonald? You could always get up him for a laff.

Ben.H said...

"But he was on Oprah." Hee!

Actually, the receptionist has a point. Oprah has a team of lawyers who checked out Frey's story before letting him on the show. Will Oprah sue Frey for fraud, or sack her lawyers?

zgnnpwmy (whoo-hoo!)

Tim said...

Thanks for the link, Laura. I guess I better start posting again!

Helen said...

I love this post from Lorraine Crescent.

Boys! ! !

Lucy Tartan said...

Yes, it's good stuff.

elaine said...

hurrah, it's not just me.