Friday, 4 November 2005

statuary links for today

One of my favourite life/art blogs, This Too from London, has a marvellous post up today about the sublime statue by Marc Quinn called Alison Lapper Pregnant which was installed at Trafalgar Square recently.

I want badly to see this statue. Yes I do.

Another place I'd have to go if I could afford a world statuary tour is Vigeland Park in Sweden. I have a photograph which will save me from explaining why, but I'm putting it under the fold because I can't think of a way to segue (bit lazy today) and a fairly impressive segue is called for.

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Kate said...

I saw the culturati discussing this on that woeful ABC show and I was very intrigued. I think it's a lovely sculpture personally and I enjoyed finding out who it was of. I can't see why anybody would make a fuss about the sculpture being inappropriate...

Miriam Jones said...

My little angel is acting up a little right now, and this cheered me up enormously. But good heavens, what is going on here?!?

Lucy Tartan said...

good question ---

"aah, gettemoffmeee!"