Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Weak Feet

It's a warm Spring day here in Melbourne. I've stayed home in order to concentrate uninterruptedly on marking some of the 1,789,463 essays I need to get marked before 27 October when the next (and thankfully final) batch arrive. Hot and steaming.

Yes well, as I was saying, it's warm and I'm housebound. So I am wearing thongs on my feet (flipflops, non-Australians.) It's the first time since February and my feet have gone all soft and wimpy from being boxed in all winter, and now I've got the traditional sore red spots on the sides where the rubber presses against the side of the foot. The even more traditional blistery rubbed patches between the big toe and toe #2 aren't fully developed yet, but they're in the post.

If you live in the south, there's no way around the yearly breaking-in of the foot to the thong. It just has to be endured and suffered through.


The Student said...

Yesterday was a great day.

Mel said...

When I went to Sydney I forgot one thong, so I had to buy a new pair and suffer double pain: the pain of breaking in a new pair of thongs, and the pain of breaking in my feet to thongs.

It's all good now, though. I'm wearing 'em right now.