Saturday 2 April 2005

flickr creeps

Yesterday I uploaded a few new pix to my flickr set; mostly cat photos, but I also put in some old family pictures, including one of my brother and myself in the tub. I would be about eight, and little brother would be one or thereabouts.

That photograph has since been viewed more than forty times, which is about three times as many views as the next-most-viewed (which has been sitting in the photostream for some weeks.)

What to conclude? For one thing, flickr clearly isn't quite the friendly place it seems to be - it's not exempt from the sad and seedy aspects of the web. I also think perhaps, if you have children and use flickr or another search-by-tag photo sharing service, don't use tags on photos of your kids.


jean said...

Most people tend to make photos like that available to friends and family only, which is easy enough to do. But yeah, the likely explanations for the interest in that particular image may be a little creepy

lucy tartan said...

Yes, it says more about my naivety really.

Scrivener said...

Yeah, I uploaded a pic (on Hello not Flickr, but same idea) a while back of my 4 year old on her first day of school. It's a really cute picture and nothing graphic about it at all, but I have consistently gotten lots of hits from a Google image search that results in that pic. I don't know exactly what to make of it, but it is a little creepy.